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About Vital Axiom

US-Based Custom Software Consulting Firm

We transform complex business processes into software requirements and then develop those requirements into reliable automated systems. Vital Axiom works with partner businesses in different ways: as collaborators, consultants, and creators of the final product.

Our projects typically fall into one of three categories: line of business software development, new product design & launch, and development of database applications. We are dedicated to achieving transformational results for commercial and government clients.

Vital Axiom leaders believe in small teams backed by the breadth and depth of our assets and resources. Our software development professionals support one another accross projects to leverage different areas of expertise and deliver maximum value.

Leadership Team

Vital Axiom team photo

Kabir Mehta

CEO & President

Kabir has extensive consulting experience creating custom solutions for enterprise clients. Kabir possesses deep understanding of software architecture design, underlying technologies and emerging technology trends.

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Josh Sebor

Executive Vice President

Josh combines technical leadership with business education. He brings excellent analytical & strategic expertise for technology project management, balancing time, scope, & cost, with high quality.

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Ric Starck

Chief Data Scientist

Ric is a data scientist and program manager with 25 years of work experience in the Defense Department. Ric designs & develops data acquisition modules for over a hundred distinct database feeds for DLA.

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Mike Nagel

Relationship Manager

Mike brings twenty years of customer relations and partnership-building experience, along with a positive, can-do attitude, to ensure all customer issues are expertly resolved.

Development Process

We Deliver Well-Built Software on Time

Vital Axiom partners with Microsoft to provide clients with the best project experience and tooling. Our go-to platforms are .NET, C#, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Windows Azure, when these technologies are a good fit.

We are technology-agnostic and are able to work within virtually any modern or legacy technology stack. Below is the list of immutable principles that we apply to every project:

  • Coding defensively. We integrate and monitor quality and security in every aspect of the work.
  • Considering performance. Response time, responsiveness, latency, throughput, load, load sensitivity, efficiency, and scalability metrics are gauged, tracked, and tuned during development.
  • Pattern Selection. Breaking up complex problems into small work units and choosing a well-fitting software design pattern for each work unit generally provides a strong foundation for resilience and extensibility within a system.
  • Modular Design. Designing subsystems that work together to create wholeness is important. When systems grow, they often require reuse of existing subsystems increasing system flexibility, testability, stability, longevity, and profitability.
  • Closing vulnerabilities. Security-focused development is our standard level of service, not a luxury or an add-on.

What we do

We offer balanced agile software development services, employing rapid and iterative development cycles along with quality management best practices. Demonstrating working prototypes and stories throughout the development process allows our clients' businesses to witness tangible, real-time progress.

Agile Development

Software needs to shift & evolve rapidly in today's fast-paced business world

Cloud Data

Vital Axiom specializes in design of cloud-hosted heavy-duty data environments

Mobile & Desktop

Service-oriented and designed for API usage, our solutions are ready for web & mobile access

Featured Work & Clients

Client testimonials

  • Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend [Vital Axiom’s team] for similar requirements in the future.

    Lead Contract Specialist, Defense Logistics Agency
  • ...[Vital Axiom’s team] applies logic and common sense to work to the intent of the contract. They are very concerned about making sure customers are taken care of & happy with the results.

    Lead Contract Specialist, Defense Logistics Agency
  • [Vital Axiom’s team] consistently produces a quality product that exceeds expectations. Any problem or program bug/error is addressed expeditiously to ensure that the product exceeds the warfighters’ needs.

    Lead Contract Specialist, Defense Logistics Agency
  • Vital Axiom goes above and beyond to address our needs and solve whatever problems may arise — the team is exceptionally skilled, responsive, straightforward, and in the end we had a polished product and a professional experience.

    President, 505 Ventures

Learn more about our projects

Vital Axiom is an expert firm specializing in heavy-duty data environments specifically architected for cloud. We take advantage of the latest platforms enabling rapid and affordable implentation of scale, redundance, resilience, security, and performance.

Understanding business processes and the users being served by a technology project is critical for the success of our work — private sector consulting & logistics database design. Vital Axiom hires consultants who are expert technologists with a keen sense of business. We are absolutely committed to agile software development principles and user-centered project engagement process.

  • ASP.NET MVC 5.0
  • Web API (API First)
  • AngularJS
  • Responsive HTML5/CSS

Design and development of, the open-data based web application and API built to search the US government's purchasing data.

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • .NET Web Services
  • XCode
  • C & C# Languages
  • TDD
  • Tier 2 Support

Vital Axiom teams with Synergetics to create & distribute FED LOG as Defense Logistics Agency contractors. FED LOG is a digital catalog of logistics data used by DLA customers.

  • Cloud development
  • .NET expertise
  • CRM development
  • REST API services

Synergetics is Vital Axiom's government contractor company, specializing in data compression, security, & distribution. Vital Axiom partners with Synergetics to perform work under Synergetics' exclusive STARS II GWAC contract.

  • .NET MVC 5.0
  • Web API 2.0
  • AngularJS
  • NServiceBus
  • SignalR

Vital Axiom has provided custom software design & development consulting services to Incapital, a Chicago-based financial services firm.

  • iOS Mobile Application
  • Swift
  • REST
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Vital Axiom developed ProxFox, the new way to connect with people near you instantly over popular social media platforms.

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Vital Axiom is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with additional offices in Chicago, Illinois and Battle Creek, Michigan. Consultants may be based at our corporate offices or onsite at client locations. Vital Axiom consultants are available for discussions during U.S. business hours. We will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

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In an increasingly globalized world, Vital Axiom understands that there are many less expensive options. We encourage potential clients whose sole concern is price to seek services elsewhere.

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